Become a Candidate

The Party

If you’re thinking about running for office as a Democrat, know that you’re not alone… We have your back! The Powell County Democratic Party works hard to support and promote candidates running for office. Some of the things the party helps the candidates with is:

  • Host events to connect the candidates with their constituents
  • Help with fund raising and canvassing
  • Help facilitate connections that you can use when you get elected to maximize the positive affect you can have on your community

Running as a Democrat is beneficial because it’s like having a second family support you and the things you do.

Primary Elections

It’s the position of the party to not endorse any single candidate during the Primary Election season. During this time, we do host events that all candidates are invited to attend, as well as provide general support with organizing, campaign finance consulting, and any other services that come up. We offer all candidates the same type of help and do not work to give a competitive edge to any single candidate.

Register To Run

Here is a summary of the information that exists on the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Website that you’ll need to know when registering to run.

Stay In The Loop

It’s hard to keep everyone in the loop about events in our region. To help maintain a constant connection with our candidates, we offer them (and those people just testing the waters) access to our Powell County Democratic Party Candidate Mailing List. This list is tightly monitored and only sends out information when events that we believe are important to our candidates are happening in our area.

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Powell County Candidates Mailing List