New shirts are here!

Our new shirts have arrived

Our new shirt design has arrived, and we’re excited to share them with you! This shirt was created to reflect some of the numerous occupations that represent the Democrat Party. We all come from different places, look different, and do different things; but we are all united as one party! This shirt is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It features the Powell County Democratic Party logo on the front and the DEMOCRATS acrostic on the back.

Blue DEMOCRATS Acrostic

How do I get one?

Will we have these shirts available at all of our in-person events, but you can get one right now through our new online store. For a donation of at least $25, one of these shirts can be shipped directly to your front door and you can begin showing it off to all of your family and friends!

What about your other merchandise?

You’re in luck. We’ve also put our existing merchandise online as well! This is some of the items you’ve seen us selling (and wearing) at our events. You can check out the selection on our online store as well.

Traditional Democrat Baseball Hat

Traditional Democrat Trucker Hat

Blue Rally ‘Round the Rooster T-Shirt

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